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YA-2000 Hard Drive Wytron Duplicator
YA-2000 SAS/SATA Hard Drive Duplicators YA-2000 Whitepaper


Ultra High Speed SAS/SATA Bus; IDE is Optional

11-Target, Total 12 Ports
  • Ultra Fast
    • Pure SAS interface compatible with SATA
    • Up to 18GB/min (300MB/sec) data transfer bandwidth, providing the fastest SAS/SATA platform for SAS/SATA hard drive duplication
    • Up to truly tested 148MB/sec of writing speed for latest SAS hard drive, accessing speed varies between inner and outer circular hard drive
  • Maximum Capacity Secured by Power Auto-Control
    • Upon completion under normal operation, trouble detection in the middle of operation, or abort manually: Power will be terminated automatically for best security to the connected hard drives
    • Implement random target numbers between 1 to 11 targets
  • Functionality and Versatility
    • Quick copy function copies only the data area (including the hidden partition), leaving free space untouched to save time. Quick copy supports Microsoft Windows systems (Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista and latest Windows 7), Linux, Apple Mac OS X, etc.
    • Quick copy function allows: Smaller master to larger targets and different capacity of targets within one operation
    • Block Copy and Intelligent Block Copy will do more flexible range/data copy for unknown OS system
  • RAID (0 & 1) Group Copy Capability
    • RAID support with multi-master to install two master hard drives and copy five sets of RAID#0/RAID#1 system within one operation
    • Optional RAID5 or RAID10 with capability of installing up to 4 pcs of master
  • Effective HDD Cooling System & Modular Design
    • Standing hard drive orientation, making YA-2000 compact
    • 2 large powered fans keeps the hard drives cool during operation and heat generated from hard drives will be 100% cooldown (rendering external cooling device and air condition environment redundant)

DD-221 SATA/EIDE Dual Bus Hard Drive Wytron Duplicators

DD-221 SATA/EIDE Dual Bus Hard Drive Duplicators DD-221 Hard Drive Wytron Duplicators


  • High Speed UltraATA/100
  • EIDE/SATA Bus 2-Target

DD-221S SATA/EIDE(optional) Dual Bus Hard Drive Wytron Duplicators

DD-221S SATA/EIDE(optional) Dual Bus HDD Duplicators


  • High Speed UltraATA/100
  • SATA Bus 2-Target
  • EIDE is optional

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